Monday, May 30, 2011

Ham, Swiss and Asparagus Rolls

Tonight's dinner was a romantic dinner at home with awesome hubby.  I laid out a piece of ham and topped it with a thin slice of swiss cheese.  I laid a steamed asparagus and rolled up the ham.  I baked that for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees while I made the easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce.  I also baked the puff pastry at 425 degrees for 15 minutes after I took the ham rolls out.  I kept them warm while the puff pastry was baking.

The ham rolls were accompanied by new potatoes.


Thank You to Those Who Serve

Happy Memorial Day!  I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to those family, friends, and others who serve our country in so many ways.

This Memorial Day is a week before my son, Hunter, deploys to Iraq with the KYARNG.  We love him dearly and will miss him.  We wish a safe and quick deployment for his brigade.

I also want to thank my oldest son, Justin, for serving over 6 years in the KY Army National Guard, with one (very long for mama) deployment to Iraq.

Justin and his father, John, served together in Iraq.  Lt. Col. John just retired after a 26 years in the Army.

Thanks go out to my awesome hubby, David, a former Marine (what a baby face here!)

My ret Air Force Uncle Bill,  my Marine cousins Craig and Josh, my late grandfathers Dale, Eugene and Lyle, and a multitude of friends who have served or are still serving: Keith, Drew, Matt, Hinkle, Dave, Larry, Jarrod, Alfredo,  Chuck, and many more.

We love you and thank you for our freedom!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Weekend's Thrifty Finds!

Garage Sale Season is here!  So, my sweet daughter and I have this great approach to garage sales - sleep in, then hit the garage sales as they are closing.  We score free stuff all the time!

The free items this week were 2 Vera Bradley wallets.  I didn't get a pic of them before she whisked them off to the laundry.  Also not pictured is her big ole frame she got to do a PB remake $1.

Other fabulous finds:

Resin decorative sconce shelf $2.

2 Wood post tops and 2 fleur de lis finials, $1 each.

2 brand new rolls of embossed paintable wallpaper, $1 each.  Already used in my Love Frames project.

Cute little mantle clock, will be redone. $1.89 GW.

Bookends, GW $ 2.89

Huge, heavy heavy heavy candlestick. Mrs. Peacock in the Library Style. $2 at GW.

Antique Floor Lamp that will get reworked. $10 at APA Thriftiness.

Yeah, good finds this weekend! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Love Frames Tutorial!

I found some of my favorite brass frames at Tickled Pink a couple of weeks ago.  They are OLD!  They have curved glass on the front and some really ancient flower pictures inside.  I got them for $3.23 each (12.92 for the 4)! The picture size is about 9" x 6"...a really strange size.  But that's not all that's strange about these frames...

When I took them apart to paint, the photos were GLUED ON THE GLASS!  I have never seen photos applied directly to the glass.  I was tempted to just throw away that part, but the curved glass was too neat and old to throw away.  I soaked them overnight in soapy water and then scraped the photos off the glass.  It's probably my luck they were worth like a million dollars that way.  I primed then painted them with my favorite white, Krylon's Dover White.  

Another thrifty find for today - 2 rolls of paintable embossed wallpaper for $1 a roll!

I cut 4 pieces into 8.5"x11" sheets and ran them through the printer to print the letters
L O V E.

I spray mounted them to the backing of the frame.  I ended up having to use regular white glue around the edges.

I put the backs on the frames and VOILA!  Four beautiful white brass frames with a reminder to love right there in my family room!

I'm still working on redoing the family room.  I hope for a reveal in just a few weeks!  Thanks for reading and I hope you'll follow me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Ballerina Tutu Bow Holder Tutorial

My little nieces have LOTS of bows and barrettes...and they love ballerinas!  For Abigail's birthday, I made her a beautiful Tutu Bow Holder by following the directions here.

I used black foam board for the bodice. It was 12" long.  I cut it in the shape of a bodice with an exacto knife.

I used black, white and hot pink tulle for the skirt. I stapled the tulle to the foam board.

I covered the bodice with remnants from a black stretchy velvet skirt I had bought at Goodwill a couple of years ago.  I glued the fabric to the foam core with my hot glue gun, right side out.

I wrapped ribbon around the bodice.  This can be used to attach barrettes.

I attached ribbon to the shoulders for hanging the bow holder.

 I cut coordinating ribbons for the front of the tutu.  These will be the actual bow holders.  The ribbons are as long as the tulle for the skirt.

I stapled the ribbon to the foam board.  For the finishing touches, I added another black velvet piece to the back, folding the edges under.  I glued a row of pink feathers at the top of the tulle to cover the staples holding the ribbons.

Voila!  The beautiful Ballerina Tutu Bow Holder!  The girls loved it so much, they wanted to wear it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tin Foil Frame

I have a lot of frames that do not fit my decor.  I decided to try a tin foil technique on this one.

I crumpled up pieces of tin foil so they would have some texture.  Then I used Mod Podge to adhere the tin foil to the wood frame.

After the Mod Podge dried, I painted the frame with some black acrylic paint.  Before it dried, I wiped the paint off, leaving paint in the wrinkles of the foil.

I added a book page flower in the corner and put a pic of Awesome Hubby, his sister and his mom.

Easy, Inexpensive Project that you can do with stuff you have around the house!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

In the Cave

Marengo Cave
Mirror Lake #1
The water is only 3-6" deep, but looks as deep as the cavern is high!

Mirror Lake #2

The Cave Monster - see his eyes and mouth with all those teeth?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Romantic Daybed Canopy

We are in the middle of redecorating my daughter's room from little girl to teen young lady.  I'll be posting pics of the projects as we go along.

The latest project was to make a canopy above her day bed.

She has the bonus room above the garage, so her room has a slanted ceiling.  To add a canopy took some figuring out!

Here's the before:

To make the canopy, I used 2 - 8' firring strips from Home Depot, which were under $2 each. I cut them so they were 2" longer than the bed on each side. I covered them with zebra stripe Duct Tape, which I found at JoAnn's for about $3.50.

I measured the front of the canopy to fall in front of the bed, but far enough away so it wouldn't interfere with the ceiling fan. I loosely attached one firring strip there.  I attached the other firring strip at the bottom of the slanted ceiling. Make sure you screw into the studs.

I used 6 shimmering, romantic curtain panels from Ikea (9.99 for 2) to make the canopy.  The colors match the Pottery Barn teen bed cover.  I slid the panels under the firring strips.  After adjusting the lengths, I tightened the screws to hold the panels in place.



Very Romantic!!!!